Dream Book

I LOVE the gift of life. The ability to take charge of my future with the simple gift of choice. Nothing brings me more joy than to know that I am responsible for my dreams and the only person holding me back is myself.

It’s so easy to be negative and see what it is that we don’t have. However, it is also easy to dream, to think, to create, and envision things that we want or desire. The only thing that lies in between seeing these things come to pass is ACTION, CONSISTENCY and the right RESOURCES.

Growing up I was very idealistic. I moved out of my parent’s house at the age of 17. I had a strong vision for where I wanted to go and while on that journey unfortunately, I lost my way. My experiences consisted of bad relationships and a lot of work that taught me about myself, but felt like a waste of time. I got wrapped up in fear and wanting to fit in with people that didn’t share the same goals or vision. I found myself at a very low place. I literally was struggling each day to show up and be hopeful and excited for what the future looked like. It was through books that I started to find my way back. Reading other people’s success stories planted seeds for the new vision that I have now.

Maybe some of you can relate to having a vision or goal, setting out to accomplish it, losing sight of it and then finding it again. Once I let go of worrying about my decisions and acted like I did back when I was 17 I felt like I could breathe again. I felt ALIVE.

I’ve always been a dreamer. I even have a book that I’ve written my dreams down in. YES, I have a DREAM BOOK. As I flip back through it, I have been able to see how so many of my dreams have been accomplished. Work dreams, family dreams, and personal dreams. It amazes me.

In this new year, I encourage and challenge you to write down your dreams. So, if you ever lose sight of them you can read your dream book and regain your vision.

Anybody can look around and see what it is they don’t have. Ask yourself, what do I have already to begin creating the life that I desire? Don’t let 2018 pass you by. Take risks. Ask lots of questions. Read lots of books. Invest into yourself. Rid yourself of negative people and those that don’t have goals for their lives. You are a product of the 5 people you spend your time with the most. Be careful who you align yourself with because that will show you how far you can go.

Catch a bigger vision, and purpose for what it is that you want and go for it. Because you can! You are powerful and not a victim of your life. GO! TAKE ACTION this year in 2018 and don’t look back! Great things are waiting for you!

Regina Lynn Jaeger



    1. Love you Michelle! Thank you for your straightforward talks and encouragement in the direction of who I was. ❤️


  1. Regina,

    You are beautiful inside and out!!! My heart smiled reading this! You inspired me to back to BIG Dreaming!!!! Love you and watching you blossom is a thrill!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Sonya. The confidence you exude mixed with taking action and getting things done always spoke loudly to me. I look forward to seeing your post of dreams you’ve accomplished.


    1. Hi Jackie!

      I’m just now seeing this. I ask you this question are there things in your life that you are currently dissatisfied with and have a picture for something different? I find the answer to this question for myself as the starting point of some of my dreams.

      Dreams can be small or big. If you find yourself still with no dreams – maybe your living the dream life that you do desire and you just haven’t taken the time to realize it.

      I can assure you that you are still so young and there’s still much more life that lies ahead of you ( that brings me so much joy to think about ). The more specific you get with what you want in life, the clearer things will become for you.




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